Planning and engineering design


This department is responsible for all matters related to the preparation and organization, supervision, leadership, control, and planning of industrial engineering activities, production planning, material consumption, and production flow. To achieve these goals, the department is responsible for issuing around 1800 work orders to production, modeling, casting, slitting, rolling, machining, and turning workshops at the Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi

Engineering and Planning Department:

Warehouse, Technical and Engineering, Planning, and Logistics



In the logistics planning section, this department is responsible for:

Calculating efficiency indices

Equipping the transportation fleet with new machinery.

In the technical engineering unit:

Organizing technical documents of the company by preparing a database and technical documents

Improving building quality by designing and overseeing all construction activities at the company level

Developing a comprehensive plan for company development is the responsibility of this unit.

In the warehouses unit:

Selling stagnant items

Collecting dust from collectors

Other matters related to warehousing are under the responsibility of this unit.


The deputy of this unit is Engineer Saeed Khan Zadi Yazdi. He has been working at theNavard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi  with various responsibilities since March 6, 2001 (Persian calendar).

مهندس سعید خان زاد یزدی


Ali Shamsaei (Planning and Logistics Manager), Mohammad Ali Shakuri (Engineering Manager), and Hamid Soult (Warehouse Manager) are the managers working under the Planning, Design, and Engineering Deputy.

مدیران شرکت نورد و تولید قطعات فولادی


The Planning, Design, and Engineering Department is in direct and indirect interaction with all departments within the company. At the same time, the interaction of this department with external departments will be after signing contracts for the design, construction, and implementation of projects.