Introduction of quality control management and R&D

Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi with more than half a century of experience in producing hot-rolled steel sheets is proud to have taken advantage of the opportunities created by the sanctions in the country and embarked on the localization of alloy products.


Based on extensive research in the field of design and simulation of coil molds in 2018, the company was able to obtain casting technology in standing molds with the cooperation of domestic steel companies. After much effort and the cooperation of capable factory engineers in 2020, the company successfully produced several alloy grades such as Mo40, CK45, VCN150, VCN200, SS420, and 21CrMo10 and was able to obtain the knowledge-based title from the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology of the Presidency.


Currently, in line with expanding the range of alloy products, the steel production and parts manufacturing company is seeking to produce alloy billets and ultimately alloy ingots.


The design of rolling cycles and heat treatment operations for alloy sheets from 8 to 120 millimeters thick according to customer requirements is among the executive services of this company.


Key activities in the quality control field:


Construction and equipment of a secondary chemical analysis laboratory in accordance with laboratory standard 17025 to reduce downtime and increase productivity in the vicinity of melting halls 3 and 4.

Inspection and quality control of produced and purchased slabs with structural and alloy grades amounting to approximately 150,000 tons per year.

Inspection and quality control of produced structural and alloy sheets in accordance with national standard 2-14262 and international standards amounting to approximately 148,000 tons per year.

Construction and operation of an inspection device for the undersides of produced sheets in the hot rolling line to increase customer satisfaction.

Renewal of the Iranian national standard license 2-14262 and membership in the standardization committee of Tehran Province.

Equipping and updating the quality control unit’s control tools.

Inspection and quality control of the parts produced in the machining and manufacturing workshop, around 1070 parts produced

Continuous control and establishment of self-control culture in machining and manufacturing workshops to reduce rework and deviations from the plan

Control of thermal operation cycles and hardness testing of alloy sheets

Training of quality control personnel with control methods and quality management software


Important activities in the research and development field:


Negotiation and obtaining price proposals from specialized companies in the steel industry to improve the quality of produced slabs through changes in technology and production processes

Research and development of new grades of alloy slabs and sheets, especially wear-resistant sheets

Increased productivity and reduced costs of alloy products by changing the type of alloy ingot consumption, the material of the runners, and the powder used to separate standing molds

Research and development and participation in the construction of an experimental arc furnace for direct extraction of iron ore into raw iron

Study of 71 investment projects in startups in domestic events such as Inotex and Sevan knowledge-based accelerator