HSE unit

What environmental protection measures have been taken in your unit?

Monitoring and supervision of the measurement and assessment stages of environmental pollutants (self-declaration plan) – water and wastewater, soil, noise, and air pollution on a seasonal basis, and reporting to the environmental protection organization monitoring system in Tehran.

Registration, completion, and updating of environmental information of the company in the comprehensive system of the environmental protection organization.

Holding waste management training classes in November 2022.

HSE personnel monitoring to prevent and control the discharge of the company’s wastewater.

Holding joint meetings between HSE experts and systems and methods regarding ISO 14001 documentation.

Refurbishing the melting hall and using modern methods and technologies for controlling air environmental pollutants.

Installing posters and announcements related to the environment in the factory bulletin board.

Installing pollutant control devices for chimney emissions.

Purchasing and installing data loggers for the output of dust collectors and connecting them to the comprehensive system of the environmental protection organization.

Holding environmental and ISO 14001 training classes with health protocols in place.

Purchasing, installing, and operating a human sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 25 cubic meters in the north of the factory and in the melting facilities 3 and 4.

Continuous monitoring and supervision of the company’s green space, industrial wastewater treatment system performance, sanitary sewage system (human sewage), shot blasting performance, dust collectors, and timely follow-up on potential technical defects.

Waste separation plan at the source and installation of colored bin containers (green: plastic, yellow: paper, orange: food, blue: household waste) in designated areas.

Contract signing and coordination with the municipality for the timely transfer of household waste and monitoring the sale of industrial waste, etc.

How extensive have the environmental conservation teachings been?

Environmental and ISO 14001 classes have been held in past years, and waste management classes were held in November of this year.

What facilities are available in the HSE department? How does the company’s status compare to other partner companies in this area?

The HSE unit includes HSE personnel, a doctor, and nurses to provide safety and health services, and the health unit operates 24/7, while the safety unit also monitors safety compliance in the afternoon shift in addition to the morning shift.

Facilities in the unit include:

Type A ambulance, Benz fire truck, and HSE patrol van.

320 fire extinguisher capsules.

15 FIRE BOXes.

7 fire stations.

Acoustic room.

And a space consisting of 4 HSE rooms and a warehouse.