Frequently Asked Questions


What is the scope of activity for theNavard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi?

The Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi operates in the field of supplying waste and scrap metal, processing scrap, steel melting, alloy steel melting, production of hot-rolled building and alloy steel, production of steel parts, machining and turning, manufacturing machinery and industrial dust collectors, and manufacturing induction furnaces and heat treatment furnaces.


Is it possible to collaborate with the company regarding the supply of scrap metal?

Yes, you can contact the scrap processing department and make the necessary arrangements.


Can orders for equipment be placed with theNavard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi?

Yes, the company is capable of accepting orders for melting with low volumes due to its small furnace capacity. You can also place orders for manufacturing desired equipment for production lines and steel industrial equipment.


Is the Steel Rolling and Parts Company knowledge-based?

Yes, knowledge-based technology has been used in the production of alloy products.


Does the company have a focus on social responsibility?

Yes, the public relations department of the Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi has a special focus on social responsibility and green public relations, and this is supported by the company’s management.


Is it possible for the company to export its products?

Yes, the company currently exports its products to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, and several others.


Question for public relations:

The company’s audience can inquire about their questions and issues from the public relations department. If the questions are repetitive, the public relations department will place the repetitive questions and answers in the FAQ section.