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Activities of Gharaaze Website

Establishing and equipping a processing workshop for Gharaaze with the aim of providing high-quality raw materials and selling them with a daily capacity of 1,000 tons. The workshop is built on a 15,000 square meter area and can supply high-quality Gharaaze to the factory and sell it to others.


The activities carried out in the Gharaaze processing project are as follows:

1- Collecting residue and iron from the 14,000 square meter project site

2- Separating the existing fences in the northern perimeter of the iron cutting warehouse – Collecting and transferring to the warehouse

3- Mapping and installing signs throughout the area for grading

4- Drilling and leveling the project site

5- Contracting with contractors in the field of excavation, asphalt, concrete pouring, 320-meter wall building, installation of new rail doors, site separation, scheduling, leveling and pounding, separation of Gharaaze from soil, creating electrical channels, installing two scales, piping and connection to the power station, designing administrative buildings, working with trees and creating green spaces, excavating and leveling 650 trucks of soil, purchasing two 70-ton presses, installing a 2-meter guillotine

6- Designing and building electrical distribution boards in six cells, 20 kV boards in five cells, a 2-megawatt transformer, area distribution boards and access to machinery

7- Laying over 4,000 meters of high-sized cables for power supply to machinery and existing buildings and laying 20 kV cables from 63 kV to 20 kV power stations

8- Pouring more than 9,000 square meters of metal fiber and surface hardening concrete – Mapping – Making and installing metal expansion – Leveling – Concrete pouring – Vibration – Cutting

9- Substructure of asphalt and paving the western perimeter of the project site + entrance to the eastern door – western street and pedestrian paths with a design area of approximately 4,500 square meters and 760 tons of asphalt pouring

10- Operations performed until the opening day of the project by the … (text cut off)

11- The capacity for installation of cutting and pressing machines is twice as much as the machines planned in the project.

12- The investment made so far in the first phase is approximately 420 billion rials, which will reach about 700 billion rials with the upcoming developments (including the purchase of 2 new press machines).

13- According to the calculations made during the 15-day period in the previous December, it is predicted that due to the significant increase in the production of high-quality ingots, the maximum return on investment has been reached in 12 months.


Other information in the text:


Purchase of various types of ingots based on factory orders

Evaluation and assessment of ingot sellers

Evaluation of 31 suppliers has been done in person, and based on these evaluations, the allocation of ingot purchases has been made.

Number of ingot sales under collaboration

64 suppliers are currently collaborating, including 15 manufacturing and automotive companies, and one company is also listed on the stock exchange.

Statistics on individuals who have been removed from the purchase list due to the delivery of unhealthy goods.

6 suppliers have been blacklisted due to delivering poor quality goods or not meeting quality conditions.

Statistics on ingot purchases from non-governmental and quasi-governmental institutions: 29,000 tons

Statistics on ingot purchases from the stock exchange: 6,000 tons

Number of meetings held by the ingot purchasing committee and its members: 81 resolutions were made in 1400 (2021-2022) with the presence of the CEO, board chairman, commercial deputy, financial and administrative deputy, and supply and processing deputy.

Smart management of ingot entry and exit, quality and price assessment based on the type of product, competitor prices, and previous knowledge of ingot suppliers.

Intelligent presence with reasonable prices in automotive company auctions and winning 100% of all auctions.

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