Corporate social responsibility

Public relations of Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi has a special focus on corporate social responsibility. In this section, you will see the activities of social responsibility in the form of an infographic. But first, let’s provide a definition of corporate social responsibility from the perspective of Nord Steel and Parts Manufacturing Company.

Corporate social responsibility is a set of duties and obligations that a company must carry out to preserve, care for, and help the community in which it operates. In this regard, Nord Steel and Parts Manufacturing Company strives to engage in activities that benefit society beyond our own interests and laws.

Green Public Relations is considered part of the company’s social responsibility commitments in terms of environmental protection and improvement. Public relations in this regard is committed to informative and executive activities. As a result, the company’s development takes place sustainably, considering future generations and protecting the environment. Therefore, in this position, public relations sees its role as advisory.