about us

Steel industry is considered as one of the mother industries in our beloved country, Iran. This industry was introduced to Iran in the 1950s by the founders of “Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi”. As a sign of the country’s steel industry’s history and leadership, the name of the company was chosen to be “Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi”. With the establishment of the steel parts factory, our beloved Iran became the first steel producer in the Middle East. Over time, the name changed due to the launch of the casting factory in 1972 and the hot rolling factory in 1974, and the company was renamed “Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi”. The presence of modeling, machining, and nodal units has turned the company into a mother company that has the potential to develop in various fields of steel for the “Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi” complex.
The ability to completely self-sustain the development process is what sets this company apart. With its expertise and experience in the production of steel products and industrial and civil services, the public joint-stock company, Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi, is capable of providing its products and services in a very short period of time and in the best possible way. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in the steel industry of our country. The establishment of Navard va Tolide Ghataat Fooladi, and the implementation of ISO and HSSE systems and other steel industry standards have paved a new path for this company, a path that we seek to take towards quantitative and qualitative development of production capacity and sustainable employment by completing the production chain. Additionally, with the implementation of the “Green Public Relations” initiative, which focuses on environmental sustainability and social responsibility, we welcome guests and aim to advance our products and services by utilizing committed, skilled, and knowledgeable human resources while considering the sustainability of nature. We hope to continue to play a fundamental role in the development of our country’s industries and sustainable employment, as we have in the past. Today, our beloved Iran needs new dimensions of development. May we be able to perform the beautiful melody of development on this ancient stage of history.